Every girl has a fire in her belly. We’re here to fan the flame.

    Can you feel it? That flicker? That spark inside that tells you: be brave, push a little harder, reach a little higher, demand more?

    We know it well because it burns within each of us and each of our Extraordinary Women. We bring teen girls (in Years 7 – 12) experiences that will challenge how they think, what they strive for, and why they want it. If the prospect of this excites you, then welcome! You’re one of our Girl Shaped Flames and are ready to be fired up through our exclusive development opportunities including industry events, networking, video content and more. 

     Think of it as our #gameplan to #skillup the next generation of Aussie girls. 

    There is no substitute for experience.

    As a Girl Shaped Flame we’re dedicated to providing you with a wide range of interactive opportunities, from Monthy Meet-ups with other like-minded girls, to Company Excursions to see behind the curtain of some of our most exciting brands, and exclusive self-development events like workshops and camps.

    In the words of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

    Decades of experience, two minutes at a time.

    Consider our Two Minute Takeaway library your own curated suite of inspiration, information and insight videos.  The library hosts over 100 videos (and growing each week!) on topics such as: Stress & Pressure, Plan B, Subject Choices and personal Journey stories from Extraordinary Women representing a range of backgrounds, experience levels and industries. Fan those flames anywhere, anytime.

    Fire feeds fire.

    The Girl Shaped Flames Community Forum is an amazing hub of shared experiences, queries and ideas with contributions from both Girl Shaped Flames members as well as Extraordinary Women associated with FUEL. Post your burning questions, get feedback on ideas and make suggestions about which exciting women you want to hear from next at our live events!

    Extraordinary Women, Extraordinary Insight.

    You may find it hard to believe, but each of our Olympians, CEOs, Scientists, Designers, and wide array of Extraordinary Women were all standing in your shoes once upon a time. They’ve seen first-hand the challenges, highs and lows the world can present, and have built the skills and experiential knowledge to navigate  each juncture. What they are most passionate about is: you.  They’re here to inspire, inform and guide you to reach your full potential.


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